Ron Lee Jr – an interview

Ron Lee JrRon Lee Jr. (1994, 190 cm, G) might have been unknown to the general Swedish basketball fans until he showed up in the 31-man strong list of candidates for the Swedish men NT competing in EuroBasket2013 in Slovenia later this summer.

Ron, son of former NBA player Ron Lee Sr. who had a successful stint in Sweden as a player, have recently graduated from Oak Park High where he now leaves as maybe the best player in school history. Ron has scored most points in schhol history (2050 pts), have most assists in school history (488) as well as most three pointers made in school history (212).

As many other players Ron at the NBA but first a college career is waiting for him. A lot of schools have shown interest in the Swedish talent, Ron however have now made the desicion to attend Arizona Western in NCJAA.

We got the opportunity to ask a few question to Ron, below is the result of this.

What do you know about your teammates on the national team? Anyone you ever played with or against for example?
I know a lot about about the teammates on the national team. I have played with all of them ever since i was little and they are very good players. I have played with Niklas Larsson. He is definitely a great player and i have also played against Nicholas Spires which is another good player.

How would you describe yourself as a player, what are your strengths ans weeknesses?
I am a combo guard can play both 1, 2 and the 3 i got a long range shoot, pretty athletic. i like to attack the basket early on fast breaks.I also get my teammates involved early. My strengths are probably my shooting and attacking the basket and i can handle the ball. My weakness is probably that i have to get stronger and become more of a vocal leader as a point guard.

Your father is very familiar to most of the basketball fans in Sweden because of the impact he had on the game when playing here. How would you compare your game to his?
My dad has been training me ever since i was little and he has helped me a lot. When i ask my dad and other people ask him how i am compared to him he would always say i am more skilled then him and a better shooter. He said that he was stronger then and very athletic. He said all he did was to hustle.

You have just finished High School, were do you see your basketball career in 10 years from now and the way there.
Right now i am focusing on playing basketball in college and receiving a good education. After that i don’t no what i will do. My dreams is to make the NBA and that is definitely one of my goals or i would play basketball overseas in Europe.

Tell little bit about how, where and when you started to play basketball.
Well it started when was 5 and my dad was playing basketball in Sweden and i would always be shooting at half time and stuff at his games. One of the coaches from Solna Vikings had seen me shoot around and came up to me and he knew my dad, so he asked him and i if i would like to try to play basketball with his team and the kids on his team were 4 or 5 years older than me. His name was Pär Larsson. So after that i started playing with them and when i became older i went back to play on a team the same age as me and i went from there on.

What do you know about Swedish basketball in general?
I know a lot i have been to many basketball games ii Basketligan Herr and i have watched the Swedish national team and i have played there myself.

Last but not least, who is your favorite Swedish NBA player?
Its hard to decide, they are both very good players and i have watched them both played and they are having great careers in the NBA.

Photo: Rob Helfman

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